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Buying A New Home

Buying a Home Takes Planning and Rosino Realty can help you every step along the way. Just a few things we will help you plan for while looking for your new home.


So you’re buying a home. No doubt you’ve considered the location and know essentially the size of home you will need for you and your family and hopefully you have an idea of specific features you’d like in the home you select. A real estate professional will be able to help you in saving time as well as maximizing your purchasing power.

Preparing before buying a home is a must and as important as finding the right home for you and your family. You may want to be able to make a substantial down payment and this of course will lower those monthly mortgage payments. You will want to conscientiously save money for this purpose.

Examining Finances Before Buying a Home

Getting yourself and your family on a budget is key in doing this. Often with a few discussions and making buying a home the whole family’s goal, they will get on board with you. It’s important to examine your monthly expenses and look for areas in which you can cut back or eliminate some expenses entirely in order to build that savings.

Your income, debt, and credit history are all important considerations. Now that your plans are set on buying a home, this is the time to take a long hard look at where you stand. Getting a mortgage and the interest rate you’ll be charged will be dependent upon your credit history.

The comparison of your income and outstanding debt will be the lender’s deciding factor on just how much you will be allowed to borrow for a mortgage. You don’t have to have a huge income when buying a home but that income to debt ratio will determine how much home will be available to you.

It’s very important to avoid taking on any new debt during this time of preparation for buying a home and having a mortgage. In reality you are not only preparing to get approved for a mortgage but these disciplines of good money management will also help you in making those monthly mortgage payments faithfully.

Buying a home is the largest and most long term investment most people will ever make. A sound and reasonable budget that will incorporate paying down or paying off debt and creating a savings to go toward a mortgage down payment are the first wise steps in buying a home.