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Comparative Market Analysis

How can I find out how much my home is worth?
One way to figure out what your home is worth is by having a Comparative Market Analysis performed.

What is a Comparative Market Analyis (CMA)?
An evaluation of similar, recently sold homes (called comparables) that are near a home intended to be bought or sold. It establishes a price estimate based on current market activity that can be used as a guide for pricing a home. Rosino Realty can perform a FREE CMA on your current home. Click here to get started!

Is a CMA the same thing as a home Appraisal?
No, a CMA is created by primarily looking at market trends in a specific area based on a specific date range. An appraisal relies on this as well as other factors such as condition, location and construction costs. A home appraisal is performed by a licensed and certified appraiser and delivers a defensible and carefully documented opinion of value. There is generally a cost involved to have a home appraised.